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Coil Bound Booklets


Coil Bound Booklets

Coil binding provides durable, long-lasting booklets.

Coil bound booklets offer the best balance of affordability, durability and professionalism. This option is popular for custom planners, workbooks, training manuals, or any project that requires lay flat pages. Premium coil bindings are flexible, long-lasting and ideal for on-the-job training, reference manuals, directories, and other books that will be used frequently for years
at a time.

Coil binding colors, premium cover options and more.

Coil bound book printing is very customizable. There are a variety coil colors, vinyl backings, and cover options to choose from. The durable plastic coils come in a variety of colors: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, White, Forest Green, Pink, and Clear.

How does spiral binding work?

  1. Once the pages are printed, oval holes are punched for spiral binding using a punch machine.

  2. The spiral/coil bindings are inserted and wound through the books.

  3. Coils are cut and crimped to keep the pages from unwinding.

Downloadable templates and guidelines available on our FAQs page.

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