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FAQs and Templates 



Below are downloadable templates for you to use when preparing your files.


Saddle-Stitched Booklet FAQs

Saddle-Stitch Page Count

Printing stapled booklets requires page counts in multiples of 4. Because each sheet creates 4 pages in your finished booklet, page counts must go in multiples of 4. The staples used with saddlestitch booklet printing can accommodate up to 180 pages (double sided) on 20/50# Bond. The page-count cutoff will lower with each increase in paper weight and thickness. 

Booklet Printing Design Tips

Saddle-stitch booklet print files should not be formatted as 2-page spreads. Please setup your files as "stacked pages," or 1-printed-page per page in your file, not as reader spreads (where two pages appear side by side). We will automatically sequence each page so that booklets print and read in the right order. Reader spreads will not let us do that and will result in your booklet pages printing out of order.

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