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Saddle-Stitched Booklets


Saddle-Stitched Booklets

Saddle-stitching, or stapled booklets,  are one of our most popular products because it is simple and affordable to achieve. The saddle-stitch finishing unit staples booklet pages as they're coming off the press, which reduces the labor cost compared to other binding types done by hand.
-stitch booklets pack a lot of value into an affordable product.

Saddle-stitched booklet printing is affordable at any quantity.

Stapled booklets are the most economical way to bind multiple pages together. This makes saddle-stitch booklets ideal for high-volume, short-term use material such as calendars, newsletters, student publications and more.

How does saddle-stitch book binding work?

  1. Pages are arranged and printed 2-up on each side of a sheet

  2. Sheets are folded in half and nested so pages read in the correct sequence

  3. Saddle-stitch finishing unit folds and staples booklet pages

  4. Edges are trimmed evenly, and the booklet comes out finished.

Downloadable templates and guidelines available on our FAQs page.

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